Thanks for making your way over to my humble WordPress site.

In a nutshell, this site is to share tips, tricks, firmware, modifications and anything that could be considered useful for other 3D printer owners.

I didn’t intend to go the whole hog and create a blog but I did want to help share some of the hard earned experience I have gathered from being:

  • New to 3D Printing as of April 2017
  • Starting my 3DP adventure with a Raiscube R2 printer from Gearbest

I first experienced a 3D printer when the School I worked for bought a Makerbot Replicator 5 (I think) and was fascinated with being able to turn ideas into reality.

I then started researching printers for several weeks and as such, watched much YouTube content from 3D Printing “gods” such as:

  • Angus Deveson / Maker’s Muse
  • Thomas Sanladerer / Toms3DP

More recently, I’ve been also following the very awesome:

  • Joe / 3D Maker Noob
  • Joel Telling / 3D Printer Nerd
  • Preston / Press Reset

Thanks guys for all the wisdom, interesting and high quality content, wit and inspiration!

It was incredible how much info I gathered from the above people, so much so, that I have not run into a single problem yet that I hadn’t seen answered or advice offered – you guys really all do rock!

If you read all the above, thanks for sticking with it and enjoy the site.

ChrisKaye999, Site Owner.

All content copyright to Chris Kyriacou, 2017.

If you wish to reproduce any content, please drop me a line, via the “Contact” page. No reasonable (non-commercial) requests will be refused, however, it would be nice to keep track of people who find the information contained within this site helpful.